The Great Minute Repeater Test

Social Media Nugget #1

This is a great minute repeater test! Take a piece of paper and a pen. Listen to the watches and rate them according to what you hear.

Isn’t it just magic how the results of this test match what you heard with your own ears? No need for fancy gadgets. When you listen to one watch in isolation, it’s more tricky, though. It’s sad the “AP” was rated “barely audible” because the sound was so sweet you could cry. It’s also kind of unfair to pick this Claret watch for the test, since it’s a “Westminster” and a lot more complicated to make than the other watches on test. But, it also did not sound like a “Westminster” should.

Repeating watches should be judged individually for their quality. This Claret watch sounds fine (even if the hours slow down, a bit) while the one in the test above, definitely did not. This type of watches are “hand made” if any, and one watchmaker is better than the next. The name on the dial is not a guarantee of superb quality.  Have a good look at what you buy and your watch will be an investment… not a money pit.

This is the regular Claret minute repeater and it does not particularly light up the sky, either:

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